Party Bells

All prices and bookings are based on a minimum two night hire, prices include delivery (within 20 miles of Base), pitch and take down.

*Any extra night’s hire is at a cost of £45 per night, per tent *

The Chill Out...

Our ever popular Chillout tent is a spacious 5m or 6m Bell Tent decked out with relaxed and chilled touches. Ideal for Birthday parties or a place to escape at weddings and shindigs. Can be decked out for adults or children.

Included in this package: *Full flooring as well as Rugs & Rag rugs * Fairy lights * Bunting * Sumptuous cushions * Various bean bags * Low tables * Exterior bunting & Solar Lights * Soft blankets * Lanterns & Bottle lights

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Kiddie tables and chairs

Two Night Hire. 5m Bell
Two Night Hire. 6m Bell
The Chill Out...

The Rajah Lounge...

Our expansive twin peaked 6m x 4m Emperor Bell, decked out in Indian opulence. This is the perfect place for grown ups to unwind, relax and enjoy the comfort of this superior jewel in our crown.

Included in this package: *Full flooring * Indian rugs * Fairy Lights * Lanterns * Bunting * Indian inspired furnishings, cushions & fabrics * Indian Kantha quilts * Exterior bunting & Solar Lights * Soft Blankets

Two Night Hire. 6m x 4m Bell
The Rajah Lounge...

Pamper Bell...

A gorgeous feminine space with a touch of flair. A preening parlour to powder noses, gossip or perfect your wedding look.

Included in this package * three vanity stations & mirrors * two full length mirrors * pouffes & stools * flooring * rugs * sheep skins * lighting * cotton wool pads & face wipes * bunting & extrerior solar lights

Our 5m Pamper Bell
Our Emperor Pamper Bell
 Pamper Bell...

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