The Land Skills Fair….


Glamping is the way forward.

Choose a Bare Bell, Simple Bell & Beds or Complete Snoozing Bell to enjoy for the whole festival.

Your Bell tent will be pitched and ready for you to move into from 4pm.

What's included...

Camping in Style!!

The bells can sleep up to four or six people depending on the size you book and all (excl. the bare bell) include sleeping accommodation for up to two people in double or single beds in the base price, for additional beds, additional charges will be made. Please only select the correct number of beds for the bell you are booking.

If you have any questions or queries about your booking, please don’t hesitate to contact Liz at Cotswold Bells on 07587 777080 or email

Dark Night | Warm Fire | Bright Stars


4m BARE BELL – £220/Bell or 5m BARE BELL – £250/Bell

We pitch the Tent – You provide all your camping needs

4m or 5m SIMPLE BELL + BEDS 

sleeping 2 people from £270 up to 6 people for £340

We provide a few extra touches, you BYO bedding.

Included in this package: air mattresses, quilt, cushion, blanket, small table, mirror, interior fairy lights, bottle light, ½ floor matting + bunting


sleeping 2 people from £330 up to 6 people for £420

Snoozing with all bells + whistles.

Included in this package; air mattresses with bedding + freshly laundered bed linen, quilt, cushions, blanket, small mirrior, ½ floor mating, rag rugs, interior fairy lights, bottle light, small table, bunting + exterior fairy lights.


  • Towels, Toiletries and Cosmetics
  • Torch
  • Warm and Snuggly PJ’s and maybe a pair of socks (we are still in the UK)!
  • … and your dancing shoes

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW (the sensible bit)

  • No smoking inside the bell
  • No cooking inside the bell
  • No inflatable mattresses to be used outside the tent
  • We kindly ask that you respect the environment and dispose of your rubbish appropriately 🌳♻️🌳
  • Check out before 11am on day of departure, thank you

Book your stay

Please ONLY select a combination of single or double beds which match the number of people your selected bell tent can sleep. (4m = 4 people, 5m = 6 people)

* Required